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The Following Are Excerpts from Unsolicited “Thank Yous”:

“We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you have given us these past several months…You are the greatest, and I hope you never stop helping people. It’s rare to find very intelligent, honest and great lawyers who really care for their clients. You two are all of that and more. None of the[other] lawyers we contacted took our case, let alone take the time to listen to our pleas. My family and I are incredibly grateful to have stumbled upon you, and we’d like to thank you again for all of the hard work you did for us.” R.R.

“You were a great advocate for our cause. My Dad would have been pleased with the outcome.” D.F.

“I want to take a moment to thank you for the thoughtful wisdom and understanding that came along with the professional assistance you provided at a difficult time in our lives. Should I happen upon someone with the unfortunate need of your service, I will confidently steer them in your direction.” W.M.

“My wife was a good decision maker. I remember the day she called you. It was just maybe two weeks before she died. The whole reason I write this is that she made one more good decision when she called you that day. Thank you, Tim. Thanks for helping us with finishing what my wife had started.” L.O.

“Thank you so very much for taking such good care of me. I’m a “Happy Girl”. You did a great job.” P.T.

“I have the best attorney….Thank God I have you representing me.” E.C.